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Welcome to the KITIA homepage
I am Lee Kyun-dong, CEO of the Korean Core Industrial Technology Investment Association(KITIA).

Lee Kyun-dong, CEO of the Korean Core Industrial Technology Investment Association(KITIA)

  • KITIA came into being in 2001 with the mission of helping to connect Korean companies in the parts and materials sectors with global partners for M&A, research, JV’s, and new market development. We assist in all aspects: search, matching, funding, regulations, fit, and training and have helped hundreds of global companies.
  • A lot has changed since we started. Our mission remains the same, but we have grown in experience and expertise and adapted to economic, market, and geopolitical changes.
  • We have also expanded our capabilities to better serve the global business community with services such as Mergerbridge, an exclusive platform to match companies for M&A deals.
  • KITIA is a special organization that maximizes opportunities. It has the advantages of an empowered government agency with the flexibility of an enterprise. Our toolbox of options is broad and our team’s skill sets are extensive.
  • Korea offers exciting opportunities. It is a democratic nation in Asia, with well-defined laws and ethics and a long history of partnering with the West. The Korean parts and materials segment is a dynamic network of dedicated firms with unmatched capabilities, ranging from chemicals to fabrics to precision parts. Many of the world’s top brands owe their reputations to the quality of unseen components made in Korea.
  • M&A is complex process that involves the matching of companies in needs and strategic vision that calls for the coupling of two company cultures. We are there to help with this challenging process.
  • We live in times of tremendous global economic and geopolitical changes. But turmoil can also create opportunity for those with vision. We at KITIA are ready to extend both a hand of friendship from the Korean nation and a helping hand to your cooperative enterprise. We are committed to your success and we welcome you to join with the best Korean companies to achieve it.

  • Sincerely yours,

  • Lee Kyun-dong