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  • The Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association (KITIA) was established as per the Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Specialized Enterprises, Etc., for Parts and Materials, which took effect on
    April 1, 2001.
    • Leveraging members’ financial resource and ability to evaluate marketability
    • Identifying and supporting excellent parts & materials technology developers
    • Inducing the successful development of parts & materials technologies
  • KITIA seeks to empower members further and play a key part in promoting the healthy and sound growth of the parts & materials industry.

Role of KITIA

  • Supporting and coordinating the injection of funds by the investment organization into companies that have passed the technical evaluation performed by the managing organizations such as the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT)
  • Providing financial support and managing the enterprises that received an injection of funds from an investment organization
  • Registering and managing the Parts & Materials Investment Association
  • Proposing to the government and competent authorities policies that are deemed necessary to establish and improve the system related to parts & materials technology development
  • Stimulating international industrial collaboration and exchange in the parts & materials sector
  • Promoting the parts & materials technology development project